Maui Manjookies offers a new twist on an old-fashioned favorite. Think of it as a "manju-cookie-pie."


Locally-owned in the heart of Kahului on Maui, each Manjookie is hand-rolled and carefully crafted with aloha.


Our homemade fillings are inspired by fresh seasonal fruit and island favorites like strawberry, lilikoi-pineapple, ube and so much more. 


It’s a creation enjoyed by visitors and local residents—a unique, buttery confectionary.


“Growing up on the island of Maui, I always enjoyed cooking and baking for family and friends. The sight of someone’s immediate smile while enjoying my cooking, or baking, is always special to me and inspires my creativity."

- Janelle Fukuoka,

   Maui Manjookies Owner & Baker

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"I lalalove it."

- Brandy H.


"Try one and u won't eat any other cookies." -Hyn G.