Question: What is the difference between KN95 and N95 commercial medical grade mask?


The main difference is that the outer surface of medical masks has undergone hydrophobic treatment. The gb19083-2010 and yy0469-2011 medical surgical masks clearly put forward the requirements of "synthetic blood penetration" and the parameter indexes of "surface wet-resistance", so as to clarify the protective effect of medical protective masks on blood and fluids. Generally speaking, just like water dripping on the lotus leaf will roll off, the liquid on the surface of the mask cannot soak, which can often touch the medical staff alcohol, blood, etc., to prevent it from fast penetration; Non-medical KN95/N95 masks do not undergo this special treatment. KN95 and N95 respirators have the most protective function is the filter layer, the filter layer is made of polypropylene fused spray ultrafine fiber electret material, the surface of the mask has not been hydrophobic treatment, the application of contact with water, alcohol and other will destroy the structure of the material, make the filtration function is greatly reduced. What's more, the blood often contains bacteria, viruses and so on, and the application of the hospital scene determines the probability of medical staff exposed to the patient's blood environment. Therefore, the surface of surgical mask hydrophobic treatment is essential. And the probability that common people encounter alcohol, blood is not big, should change mask regularly only, its outside does not pass this one processing also is innocuous.


1. N95 mask and KN95 mask certification body difference: N95 is the United States NIOSH certification, and KN95 is the domestic certification, in line with China GB2626 standard requirements.


2. Medical and non-medical distinction: medical protection level is higher than the non-medical, generally in the mask packaging is medical two words.


3. With the respirator valve mask: with the respirator valve mask, is one-way protection, can ensure not to inhale the virus, but may exhale the virus, so, this kind of mask is not suitable to wear.


4. The mask used under covid-19 is N95 mask: the mask used under covid-19 is N95 mask, and it is for medical use. However, citizens do not need to wear N95 masks.


5. KN95 and N95 mask-wearing method: the protruding part is facing the outside, the light color is facing in, the dark color is facing out, the metal strip is in the position of the bridge of the nose, after wearing, the need for light pressure to fit the nose, and then hard inhalation to fit.


6. KN95 and N95 mask replacement time: damaged, contaminated, breathing difficulties, etc., it is necessary to replace in time. Under normal circumstances, it should be replaced every 4 hours.

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